Energy types (elementals, incarnate angels, wise ones, star seeds) and energy phases (indigo, crystal, rainbow)

Energy is Energy is Energy. . . right?

So what’s up with all these terms? What’s an indigo? And can an indigo be an elemental? Can a star seed be an Incarnate Angel?

Lost and Confused Signpost

How can I make sense of all these different energy classifications and terms?

First, let’s discuss the difference between an Energy Type and an Energy Pattern (or sign).

An Energy Type is a classification. It typically doesn’t change ( except for when a certain set of circumstances are met, and I’ll explain this later).  If you want a great resource to discuss classifications of energy types, I highly recommend Doreen Virtue’s book “A Pocket Guide to Earth Angels.”  Think of an Energy Type like your ethnicity (for a single incarnation).  If I am born a Caucasian hodge podge of various mostly Anglo-Saxon cultures, then it doesn’t matter where I live or which language I speak. I’m always going to be considered “white.”  The same is true for your Energy Type. You are always this energy Type in every incarnation.  If you are an Elemental, you are always an Elemental. It doesn’t matter if you incarnate as a boy, girl, American, Australian, or a Catholic. You are always an Elemental.

An energy pattern is very much like an astrological sign. An energy pattern is a “pattern of energy” that one incarnates within. For example, the 1970’s to 90’s saw a large influx of indigo energy, while the early 2000’s held a great deal of crystal energy.  We are now seeing the Rainbow energy pattern on earth.  These energy patterns typically only apply to one incarnation, and we have had countless energy patterns over the course of humanity.

For our purposes here, I’ll use the most common energy types.

  • Elemental
  • Incarnate Angel
  • Wise One
  • Star Seed



When you hear the term Elemental, think Earthy. Elementals are earth energies. They are higher energy beings incarnated into human form for the purpose of helping humanity. Elementals are probably the most diverse group of the mentioned categories. Saying someone is an elemental is sort of like saying someone has blond hair. It’s a very diverse group that can sometimes only be linked by a single characteristic – that earthy elemental connection.

The first group of elementals are what I call the Indigo Elemental. An Indigo energy type is one who is here on a fierce or intense mission, typically involve a higher truth or justice. My clients who are  Indigo Elemental s are strict vegans, and they are typically members of PETA and other animal rights groups. In their hearts, they believe every animal, regardless of size or whether or not that animal can be domesticated, has the full right to life as every human on earth. For the Indigo Elementals, a human life has the same value as the right of a deer or a dog. The Indigo Elemental often opposes any group or business that uses or abuses animals. They are vehemently against animal testing and are opposed to zoos and circuses.  Even though this group is somewhat unwavering in their beliefs, they can also be kind teachers. Abby*, for example, is an Indigo Elemental, and she is strictly vegan. However, if someone approaches her for help to try to adopt a vegan diet, she is kind and supportive as he makes the shift.

The second group of elementals are the ones responsible for reminding us that life should be Fun and Joyful. This group is more lax in their core beliefs, as their life purpose is not to teach but to inspire. They are here to inspire us to live passionate and happy lives. They remind us that life can be and should be fun. This group of elementals produces actors, actresses, singers, comedians and other performers. They are always chasing the next laugh and are a joy to be around. We don’t have to look far to find an example of this type of elemental: think Robin Williams and you are there.

Elementals are known for their quick triggers to anger but are also very quick to forgive and forget. All elementals are capable of spiraling psychic fireballs when they get angry, so elementals must be mindful of their psychic and energy projections.  Elementals are natural healers and energy channels, but they must remain mindful of their mood when doing so. One time, I had a terrible migraine and I asked my then five year old elemental daughter Avery to please help my head. From an early age, Avery could use her hands to send “rainbows” or “ice cream cones” (a common way to help young children learn how to channel happy or healing energy). But that day, she was angry. And when she placed her hands on my head, it felt like a dozen daggers were piercing my brain. I flinched and literally lost my wits for a few seconds.  Elementals needs to be aware of the pure, raw, and unfiltered energy power they possess.

Incarnate Angels

I can spot an Incarnate Angel from a great distance. This group has certain key characteristics that are nearly impossible to miss. They radiate innocence and love. They are typically in helping professions and are more focused on someone’s potential over actual behavior or performance. . Incarnate Angels love to be of service and they feel at their personal best when they are helping/saving someone who is lost.  For our purposes here, there are 2 types of incarnate angels: the incarnate angel and the burned out angel.

Emily* is a beautiful example of an incarnate angel. She has spent so much of her life trying to find out exactly who she was and why she was here. She’s always known she was different, but without guidance, she just searched without much luck. When I told Emily* she was an Incarnate Angel, her eyes widened with acceptance and then a subtle relief swept across her face. She wasn’t crazy, afterall. She was different and everything I told her about Incarnate Angels made perfect sense to her. I absolutely love helping Incarnate Angels discover the truth about who they are and why they are on earth. It’s one of my favorite sessions.

The burned out Incarnate Angel is a completely different story. They have sacrificed so much of their own lives, joy, happiness, time and soul for others that they feel completely used up. They are overstimulated because they have lost the ability to shield themselves from the countless energies they encounter. And this lack of shielding and protection causes their natural protection methods to kick in, and the incarnate angel can gain a great deal of weight because that physical layer of protection (fat) is shielding.  Burned out Incarnate Angels are prone to addiction because they have fractured souls from years of putting themselves last and they find an external means of filling that void (addictions can be food, alcohol, drugs – prescription or other). Many burned out incarnate angels have developed unhealthy and codependent relationships that leave them feeling utterly hopeless and helpless.

I have many clients who are burned out incarnate angels. All it takes is one look at their sweet angelic faces – faces that show great pain and disconnect, instead of innocence and love. Often times, their session with me is a last ditch effort to find something to find joy about, and in the most severe cases, it’s a last ditch effort to find something to live for. Ronda* was in this place of absolute despair when I met her. She had felt like life had nothing left for her. Life had picked and pulled her apart, and she felt every bit of it. Robin began an intense path toward healing and began to find joy and purpose in her life again.

Wise Ones

Wise One energy is sometimes misleading. When we attribute the characteristic of “wisdom” to a soul, we assume this soul lives as a master, which is not true. The Wise Ones I know often have difficult lives. They believe in a great balance to the universe, which balances joy with pain and good with bad. Wise Ones often have a strong connection to “systems” that allow us to interpret energy and the universe, such as astrology.

Wise ones include astrologers, shaman, wiccans, pagans, and other energy types that focus on energy balancing in the universe.

Star Seeds


Finally! We are to my favorite energy type – the star seed.  These are my kind of people! And working with them comes so naturally.

To make a star seed really easy to understand, think of it this way:
A star seed is a being who has incarnated on a system different from his original home/system. For our purposes, a Star Seed on earth is a soul who has come to earth from a different system. There are billions of systems in the collective consciousness of our universe, and I can only speak of a few. The main ones I see in my healing practice are: Agron, Typhon, Siruis, Polaris, and the Pleidian system.  There are countless others.

Star Seeds are not aliens or ET’s. Star Seeds INCARNATE on earth. That means they are on assignment on earth, and inhabit a human body.  Aliens or ET’s are beings who travel to earth in their original form. They are not human.

In my healing practice, I have clients who come from systems that differ so greatly from earth that they encounter a powerful shock to their system when they are assigned or volunteer to serve on earth. Alisha* is a star seed from a system that does not have genders, so there is no male or female on her system. Every being is the same. So despite her female body, she has never been able to identify as a woman. Likewise, she doesn’t find herself attracted to either men or women. She says she is asexual and finds the “pairing off” of couples on earth to be unfamiliar and foreign.

Lauren* is a Star Seed Elemental. This means that on her home system, Laura is an elemental and is deeply connected to her planet.  This elemental energy remains part of her core as she travels to earth as a Star Seed. In this manner, beings can be two different types of energy.

I myself am a Star Seed Incarnate Angel. While on earth, I have many of the characteristics of the Incarnate Angel, yet, I am a very old soul who has lived on many, many systems: including Sirius and Pleidian and many more.  I love doing Soul Readings or Soul Regressions and helping Star Seeds travel through light, space and time to discover the truth about their origin.

Star Seeds are on assignment on earth. Sometimes, it’s a volunteer basis and other times, it’s through a type of civil service unit.

There is a great awakening right now on earth, and Star Seeds play an integral part of this shift. Some star seeds are here to collect, record and transmit data relating to the shift of earth and humanity. Other star seeds are here to actually help activate human DNA and help humanity shift into the Age of Aquarius.

Many Star Seeds have dreams or memories of traveling to a meeting place or ship at night. They reconnect to their own native beings and this reconnection helps them function better on earth. During a soul regression, a Star Seed named Valorie (an amazing healer and intuitive herself – ) traveled to the moment before she incarnated as a human on earth. She was simply Light and then she was a separating Light. She could see the growing fetus beneath her, and she could remember her resistance to incarnating into that human vessel. “I was formless, limitless Light. I was so happy and peaceful. I did not want to go. I did not want to take a form or limitation in any way.”

Years ago, I was doing a reading with a woman named Starla*. Starla  found me online, and I did not know anything about her. In her reading, I saw such a strong connection between Starla and sacred geometry and numerology. Starla had never heard of sacred geometry but she had been having strange dreams of shapes. . However, after that reading, she literally transformed into Neo of the Matrix. Starla now sees everything in code. She is one of the most powerful numerologists I have ever met. And she was just a star seed – awaiting activation, and once that happened, it was pure magic. (I’m hoping that Starla will eventually let me share her real name and contact info. I know she is on this earth to serve with her gifts, but for right now, she prefer to stay anonymous.)

Recently, I connected to another intuitive named Pollyanna and just like her name, this girl is innocence and magic. My logical brain had trouble believing what I was intuiting, but I was very clearly told PollyAnna had an innate ability for telekinesis. I almost didn’t tell her, but I had my channel full open and the words fell out before I realized it. Pollyanna’s reaction was amazing. She quietly said, “I’ve never told anyone that I could do that.”  In case it isn’t obvious, star seeds are here to help earth and humanity tap into full potential. (You can connect with Pollyanna here:

Star Seeds are here to help transform, shift, and heal Earth, and that will require helping humanity activate and heal their dormant and corrupt DNA. There are many ways this will happen. Star Seeds are healers and teachers, and they will work one on one and in groups. Star Seeds often incarnate into biological DNA lines that must shift and heal, so often times, one or perhaps both of the star seeds earthly parents will have disease, addiction or other limiting conditions. When the Star Seed DNA activates in this biological line, it will actually heal the DNA – in both directions, up through the parents line and down through the children’s line.

Energy Phases:

Crystal                                  Indigo                   Rainbow

My middle daughter Avery is an elemental in every sense of the word, but she incarnated under a  strange mix of indigo and crystal child energy. Avery did not speak until she was two and  a half. And by age two, she had diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder, expressive and receptive language delays, severe organic ADHD, and a sensory processing disorder. And Avery’s behavior justified every one of those diagnoses. One pediatrician told me that Avery would require institution level care by age 7. Fortunately, I knew a little about energy and could work within the crystal energy phase and the elemental energy type to help Avery heal.  

Crystal children are often late speakers. They are highly sensitive and psychic children, and when they incarnate on the negative, dense, and painful earth, their sensitive energy system goes into shock and cocoons itself for protection. That cocoon looks like autism, and that sensory overload looks like ADHD and sensory processing disorder.

Avery also holds a great deal of Indigo energy. She is here to right wrongs and bring fairness and justice to the world. To Avery, lying is probably one of the worst things you could do, and she has always had a passion for civil rights and fairness. Avery has a tender heart and cannot stand to see anyone suffer. She has a very rigid sense of right and wrong and will stand up for someone she feels is being treated unfairly.

Other people have similar energy phases affecting their incarnations. My client Abby* for example has a strong and powerful indigo influence to compliment her as an elemental. She is an animal rights activist and is very passionate about our food system.

A friend of mine has a son named Jessie, and Jessie is an elemental and indigo. Unfortunately, Jessie is really out of balance and his activism energy has turned to anger, and he is refusing to cooperate or exchange energy with earth or humanity right now. He is mostly reclusive and angry. In order for Jessie to truly fulfill his purpose, he has to remember why he incarnated under these energies and feel empowered to do what he came here to do.

Many Star Seed children are incarnating under the Rainbow Energy. This is their first lifetime on earth, and they are here as energy “place holders.” They can hold a high enough vibration to allow earth to ascend more easily as we move into the Age of Aquarius. The Rainbow Star Seeds I am seeing in my office are often allergic to just about everything on earth. They are presenting with gluten, dairy, egg, and nut allergies. As they try to adapt to a rapidly shifting earth, they are working so hard on holding a high vibration that they are having trouble “being present.”  Through play therapy, we can help these little souls learn body and energy techniques to help them Flow with earth’s energy. (flow like water, blow in the wind like a willow tree, my feet become tree roots to help me feel safe and anchored)

Just like there are many culture, ethnicities and races on earth, there are many, many different energy types and phases that souls can incarnate under. There can be large variations within a single group, such as with elementals. Each group is important and fulfills an important purpose for earth and the ascension of humanity.

With Light & Love,


The Bible Belt Mystic

 *names have been changed